Thorns and Roses

love song Thorns and Roses

A poignant ballad that uses the metaphor of a garden to explore the complex emotions of a love filled with both joy and pain.

Like thorns and roses in a twisted vine,
Our love’s a riddle with no reason or rhyme.
Sweet moments like roses, so fragile and fair,
Yet thorns of our quarrels are always there.

In the garden of our love, so wild and free,
We tread a path that’s not easy to see.
With each step, a petal, with each word, a thorn,
In the story of us, a love-hate is born.

Thorns and roses, pain and pleasure,
In this love, we find our treasure.
In every thorn, a lesson learned,
In every rose, a love that burned.

Will we find our way through this labyrinth of emotion,
Where love is a potion mixed with bitter notions?
In the garden of thorns and roses, can we find peace,
Or will the beauty of love in the pain cease?

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