Echoes of Silence

love songs Echoes of Silence

This song explores the emotional aftermath of a relationship where feelings of love and frustration are left unexpressed, echoing in the ensuing silence.

In the quiet of the night, I hear you go,
Leaving behind love’s echo.
The words unsaid, the dreams we shared,
In the silence, they’re laid bare.

Verse 2:
Every whisper in the dark, every tear that falls,
In the echoes of silence, each memory calls.
A love so loud, now a quiet sigh,
Under the indifferent, uncaring sky.

In the echoes of silence, I hear your disdain,
Mixed with whispers of love that still remain.
A paradox living in every heartbeat,
Where the bitter and sweet in a strange dance meet.

Can we find the words to break this silence loud,
To lift our love from beneath this shrouding cloud?
In the echoes of silence, is there a word to say,
That can bring back the love we let slip away?

Thorns and Roses

A poignant ballad that uses the metaphor of a garden to explore the complex emotions of a love filled with both joy and pain.

Shadows of the Heart

This song captures the turbulent dynamics of a relationship filled with intense love and conflict, using powerful imagery and contrasting emotions.

But now the silence is so vast

We used to lay on our backs and dream dreams Of a future that was bright and it seemed